As an experienced software, WEB and WEB application developer, I have worked in areas as diverse as risk management for financial banking systems, WEB development and real-time computer games. I am currently working in LAMP WEB and WEB application development using Pyhton and PHP. I have worked in iOS App development and I am the author of the iPhone App Traffic School Florida. I have a B.A. in Film & Television (majoring in Cinematography) from UAL.

I’m Interested in Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, Flask & Django, PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, OpenGL ES & WebGL, games development & film and their digital convergence, cinematography and the documenting of the human condition in motion pictures.

A member of the Meetup groups New York Python, New York Laravel,  iOSoho and New York Swift Developers.

Skills: PHP, Python, Flask, AWS, WordPress, HTML/5, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, Objective-C, Swift,, C++, C#, Django, ExpressionEngine, Yii, Ajax, JSON, Apache, MAMP, MySQL, ActionScript 3.0

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